ACTIVE COUNT//Upcoming Elections

❗ Shad is now permanent leader ❗

This just a quick post informing you guys with what is going to be going on in RPF.  Please take a moment and click “Read More,” thank you.

Table of Contents:

  1.  Active Count
  2. Owner Elections (optional)

Active Count

With the new leadership and other changes for our army, we need to have a solid active count.  In case you weren’t informed with the news, Tal, Jerry, and myself (Shad), are now the official leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Please comment below as follows:



Activeness (1-5):

Owner Elections

We’re also going to need a change in our ownership rankings.  This may be optional, but it could be helpful.  My plan is to harsh up on the rankings, and lessen the giving of high ranks.  This also means that inactive soldiers, including owners, will be demoted and/or fired.  You should be grateful for being given a moderator rank in such a legendary army.  These elections will be coming soon, so get prepared by being active. 😉

-Shadowclub6, S.W.A.T. & RPF Leader


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  1. Name: Shad
    Rank: Leader
    Activeness: 5

  2. Name:
    Activeness (1-5): 5

  3. Money Guy 6
    I have not been so active because I was busy or grounded so I’ll give myself a 1. But it will change I promise.

  4. Name: Bluesockwa
    Rank: Silver General
    Activeness (1-5): 4

  5. Name: ATM 23
    Rank: Freaking Boss
    Activeness: 10

  6. Name: Bobby L71
    Rank: Warlord
    Activeness: 3-4

  7. ★░░▒▓███★кєνιη тєн єρι¢★███▓▒░░ ★

    Name:B Batman3

    Rank: Leader In Training

    Activeness (1-5): 5

  8. Name: Sidie9
    Rank: Pretty sure I was 5ic…?
    Activeness: well I haven’t been active lately but i am trying my hardest starting from today.

  9. Permanent leader? Misuse of words? xDDD

  10. Name: Flappy112

    Rank: Silver General

    Activeness (1-5): 5

  11. Name: Worror Dowmat

    Rank: Field Marshal

    Activeness: 4.5/5

  12. Name: Caliwar
    Rank: Second highest mod
    Activeness (1-5):

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