The 9th Generation


Hello my fellow RPF friends, soldiers and veterans, it is in troubled times that I speak to you now. RPF is on the road to ruin. The army was thought to be in such a bad shape that an RPF LEADER merged it into UMA, I do not know about you, but I cannot think of anything more blasphemous or lacking in respect for the noble institution that is the Rebel Penguin Federation. I know I have led UMA many times before and also have great respect for UMA, but I have always known where to draw the line. UMA and RPF do not mix.

As a result of this forced merge (which the soldiers and guardians did not agree to) myself ATM and Ziehen had a meeting to discuss what could be done, the consensus of this was that RPF is a sovereign army which should never be allowed to cease to exist. After discussion we decided that Tal had had the opportunity of leading RPF, and obviously he had not succeeded in this task, this post is not here to discredit Tal, but to explain the facts. As a result of our decisions we went on RPF chat and asked what they thought, everyone unanimously agreed that RPF should un-merge from UMA and become it’s own army.

Therefore we decided that we should confront Tal to decide what could be done to resolve the situation. He still refused to un-merge the RPF and therefore we decided to ask him to resign, before we could do that he quit RPF, chaos ensued and a new Leader was desired. Cas recommended Ziehen for the position off leader but he did not wish to take it up.

Various other candidates were suggested such as Flappy, but eventually ATM decided we were getting nowhere and suggested that I lead along with someone else. I refused to lead RPF unless the people were behind me, so a quick vote was held on chat and everyone unanimously started screaming ‘CAS,CAS,CAS,CAS,CAS,CAS’, it was rather scary :D, I therefore accepted the nomination. Many of you know there is a controversial banishment against me which prohibits me from joining RPF, l told the people that I couldn’t join if the banishment wasn’t removed, so a loophole within the banishment was found and I was therefore un-banished from RPF.

It was decided that another Leader would be needed to help me get RPF on track again, a quick election was held with most of the owner ranks putting there names forward, along with a few retirees. ATM was the favourite to win the election, but pledged his support to Alex N, Alex N was declared the other leader with a 3/4 majority, I must tell you now that I am very pleased to be working with Alex and I think we’ll make a good team.

After speaking with Ashes on Facebook, I was informed that we would be getting back soon, but for now we shall be using this website.

The ranks have been cleared, in order for us to determine the scale of work that needs to be done for RPF, we need people to re-submit themselves for the ranks, your rank will be determined by experience in RPF and experience in other armies. Anyone who does not leave a comment is not an RPF Member, Example comment:

Name: Max/Cas

Former Rank(s): Leader, President

New Rank (You can put this as a suggestion for what you think we should rank you as): I’d love to be RPF Slave 😀

How long have you been in RPF: Almost 4 years 😀

One more thing I’d like to ask for is your opinion on government, in RPF government has always been a key part of what we do, but it is debatable whether government is a good thing. This poll will determine the role in which government plays in this administration.

Thanks for reading through this arduous slog, events will hopefully be posted ASAP, I aim to have at least 2 events a week, if not more. Happy Easter and God bless you all! 😀



RPF Leader for a second term 😀

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  1. ★░░▒▓███★кєνιη тєн єρι¢★███▓▒░░ ★

    Name: B Batman3

    Former Rank: Leader In Training

    New Rank : Leader in Training

    How long have I been here? 4 years but I’ve only been here as my identity B Batman3 for a year.

  2. Name: Sidie9
    Former rank: around 2nd highest mod.
    New rank: Since no one has commented, I expect a pretty good rank.
    How long have I been in Rebel penguin Federation? I have been loyal to in for about 4 years.

  3. Well he has commented…

  4. Name: Bluesockwa1

    Former Rank: 4ic

    New Rank: 2ic/3ic

    How long have you been here?: Helped formed Tal’s generation, whenever that began.

  5. Name: BobbyL71

    Former Rank: Head Warlord

    New Rank: Head Warlord

    How long have you been in RPF? 359 days…

  6. Name: BobbyL71

    Former Rank: Head Warlord

    New Rank: Head Warlord

    How long have you been in RPF: 359 days

  7. Cas you have already done my rank 😀

  8. Name: Flappy112
    Former Rank(s): 2ic-mod
    New Rank:Commanding Officer or United Kingdom General
    How long have you been in RPF: 5 years

  9. Name: Suzie/Drust

    Former Rank(s): Don’t have one

    New Rank (You can put this as a suggestion for what you think we should rank you as): I don’t mind. 🙂

    How long have you been in RPF: Eh -3-‘

  10. Name: Maxwell500 (I go by Maxwell)
    Former Rank(s): I used to have a high moderator rank, but that was like 2 years ago.
    New Rank: Warlord or Head Warlord
    How long: 2-4

  11. Worror_Dowmat///UMA_Field_Marshal_and_ACP_Corporal///

    Name: Worror Dowmat

    Former Rank(s): Field Marshal

    New Rank (You can put this as a suggestion for what you think we should rank you as): I’d like to be a high mod, if possible. If not, I understand, Commander.
    How long have you been in RPF: On and on, but definitely loyal now.

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